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Starring Marius Goring in the title role, televised in 1956. Sir Percy Blakeney, Baronet, is a notorious fop and hedonistic member of the Prince Regent's court, but he is secretly "the Scarlet Pimpernel", a mysterious figure who rescues innocents from the Reign of Terror taking place in France and transports them to safety in England. Also in supporting roles are Alexander Gauge, Patrick Troughton and Stanley Van Beers. This multi-DVD set contains all 18 half-hour episodes, remastered from the archival 35mm elements for superior picture quality. Have any episodes in your collection? Throw them away because this is the definitive set!

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Barry Sullivan plays the title role in this short-lived 1956-57 TV series that was based on the long-running radio program. The Man Called X was Agent Ken Thurston who took on dangerous cases in a variety of exotic locations. He was sent all around the world by the Intelligence Bureau to gather information and protect U.S interests. His code name is simply X. This multi-disc set contains the following 28 half-hour episodes: U.S. Planes, Maps, The General, Acoustics, Enemy Agent, Operation Janus, Staff Headquarters, Underground, Speech, Fallout, Spare Parts, Ship Sabotage, Rendezvous, Switzerland, Voice on Tape, Code W, Passport, Murder, Gas Masks, Powder Keg, Train Blowup, Provocateur, Dangerous, Embassy, Afghanistan, Assassin, Local Hero, and The Truth Serum.

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BIG TOWN: The TV Series

Televised from 1950 to 1956. "Big Town" was a long-running, highly-successful network radio series (1937- 1952) and film series ("I Cover the Underworld," "Underworld After Dark," and "Underworld Scandal") before becoming a hit television series. Shot in film-noir style, the series focused on the exploits of Steve Wilson and the staff of 'The Illustrated Press' newspaper as they reported on the important social issues of the day. This four-disc set contains twelve episodes: The Stranger, Taxi Dancer, The Sniper, An Honest Man, The Shill, Gang Leader, Out on Parole, Please Murder Me, Carnation Charlie, Father and Son, Child for Sale and Dangerous Man. (Quality not superb for some of these episodes, FYI.)

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An unglamorized look at the settling of the American West with pioneers dealing with the elements, beset with nefarious characters and other problems that test their fortitude. Everey episode was a different story and with different celebrity guest stars. This DVD includes the following four episodes: Hostage, Assassin, The Ballad of Pretty Polly and Paper Gunman. (The picture quality is not up to our expectations but is decent enough and rare enough to be watchable and enjoyable. Please do not expect 2K restorations.)



Televised from 1958-59. Starring Jeff Morrow. Bart McClelland supervises rail construction for Union Pacific west of Omaha dealing with everything from marauders to land issues. He's aided by surveyor Billy Kincaid and Georgia who runs the mobile Golden Nugget saloon. With Susan Cummings and Judson Pratt in supporting roles. This two-disc set contains the following six episodes: The Black Hills Incident, Payroll to Cheyenne, The Challenge, Indian Treaty, End of Track and Iron West.



Ralph Meeker stars as an Army investigator in the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) investigates serious crimes committed by or against army personnel. Episodes from 1959 to 1960 include: The Soldier’s Story, The Fall Guy, Personal Disappearance, Smuggled Wife, The Deserter, One Quart of Sorrow, The Fickle Fingers, Shark Bait, Guns for the Revolution, The Set Up, and The System.

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Televised in 1959. Starring Grant Sullivan as Brett Clark in what is one of those small handful of television westerns that have never been released or aired on television in decades – and probably never will. We got lucky to get ahold of three prints and had them transferred to DVD.This DVD includes the following three episodes, transferred from 16mm Kodak masters: Message to New Orleans, Bandido, and The Last Mile.


Televised from 1955 to 1956. Hosted by Donald Woods. An anthology, the episodes of which were based mostly on the original short stories of Damon Runyan.

This DVD includes the following episodes, two with their original network commercials! Miracle Jones, Big Fix, For the Love of Money (pilot), and Judy, the Jinx.



Televised from 1968 to 1969, starring Darren McGavin as David Ross, an orphaned, ex-con, loner living in a world that loaths and makes a living as a private investigator in Los Angeles to tackle his financial problems and other people's problems as well. Two hour-long episodes including: Through a Stained-Glass Window (April 9, 1969), and One Long-Stemmed American Beauty (November 20, 1968, with Julie Adams and Marie Windsor).



Televised from 1960 to 1961. The series followed the globetrotting adventures of Anthony Smith (The Man From Interpol) as he sought to bring master criminals from all corners of the globe to justice. This seven-disc set contains 28 half-hour episodes. (The picture quality is not up to our expectations but is decent enough and rare enough to be watchable and enjoyable. Please do not expect 2K restorations.)

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Televised in the late sixties and early seventies, this was a fun program with Robert Wagner in the lead. Alexander Mundy - smooth, suave, sophisticated - is the world's greatest cat burglar. Finally arrested after years of pilfering, he strikes a deal with American agent Noah Bain: a full pardon if Mundy agrees to use his skills to steal for the SIA, an American espionage agency. Technically under house arrest, Mundy travels all over the world performing daring acts of thievery in the name of Uncle Sam. This multi-disc set contains the complete first season!

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Televised in the late sixties and early seventies, this was a fun program with Robert Wagner in the lead. Alexander Mundy - smooth, suave, sophisticated - is the world's greatest cat burglar. Finally arrested after years of pilfering, he strikes a deal with American agent Noah Bain: a full pardon if Mundy agrees to use his skills to steal for the SIA, an American espionage agency. Technically under house arrest, Mundy travels all over the world performing daring acts of thievery in the name of Uncle Sam. This multi-disc set contains the complete second season!

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IT TAKES A THIEF: Season Three

Televised in the late sixties and early seventies, this was a fun program with Robert Wagner in the lead. Alexander Mundy - smooth, suave, sophisticated - is the world's greatest cat burglar. Finally arrested after years of pilfering, he strikes a deal with American agent Noah Bain: a full pardon if Mundy agrees to use his skills to steal for the SIA, an American espionage agency. Technically under house arrest, Mundy travels all over the world performing daring acts of thievery in the name of Uncle Sam. This multi-disc set contains the complete third season!

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BROADSIDE: The Complete TV Series

Televised from 1964 to 1965, this was basically a female rendition of McHALE’S NAVY, starring Kathleen Nolan, Dick Sergent, Edward Andrews and Sheila James Kuehl. Lt. Anne Morgan and her fellow Waves are posted to the backwater station on Ranakai, much to the displeasure of Commander Adrian, who schemes to transfer the women to keep from disrupting his South Seas idyll, including gourmet cook. This six-disc set contains all 32 half-hour episodes.

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Starring May Robson and Irene Hervey. A painting in the possession of an old lady, Phoebe Tuttle, is rumored to be a genuine Rembrandt, and Fred Stevens, ace reporter of the "Dispatch" newspaper, is sent to cover the story. The painting he sees is genuine enough but it has been stolen and a copy substituted by the time Irene Donovan, Fred's beautiful rival at the competing "Courier" newspaper arrives, with a famous art critic. Mush to his surprise and dismay, Fred is imprisoned for the theft...and startling developments follow.



Starring Victor Jory. Mining engineer John O'Hara (Victor Jory) is sent to Nevada to investigate why the construction of a tunnel is progressing too slowly. Using his fist to find many of the answers, he quickly becomes unpopular with the agenda-driven members of the construction crew who have been hired to sabotage the project. An investigative female newspaper reporter from Los Angeles, Ann Miller (Sally O'Neil), provides more complications and romance.



Starring Signe Hasso and Dick Powell. Based on the files of the United States Department of Treasury. Commissioner Michael Barrows is an American Government Agent. On board a Coast Gaurd boat off the California coast he chases a ship. The Captain of the ship, the Kira Maru, panics and ruthlessly sends 100 Chinese slaves to a watery death. Barrows recovers a live preserver that tells him the ship is out of Shanghai. He travels there to track down the ship's captain and discovers that these deaths point to a huge drug smuggling operation. In Shanghai, while searching for the captain of the Kira Maru, he becomes suspicious of a women, Ann Grant, believing she's Jean Hawks the narcotics ringleader. He follows the narcotics trail "to the ends of the Earth" taking him from Shanghai to Cairo, Beirut and Havana to stop the drugs and the jean Hawks ring at the US border.



Starring John Halliday and Shirley Grey. An ocean liner is found at sea with everyone on board dead. An investigation is begun to find out what happened.



Starring Molly Lamont. I love the old dark house chillers. Set in an Old Dark House, a man is murdered in his study. With his dying breath, he tells his brother of two clues to finding hidden Eastern Indian jewels that were part of a precious idol. He wants his brother to locate the treasure, so that it can be given to his son. But before the treasure can be found, a third clue must be discovered.



Starring Barbara Shelley. A young woman's marriage to a gentleman farmer, acquitted of murdering his first wife, nearly leads to her own untimely end.


SOUTHSIDE 1-1000 (1950)

Starring Don DeFore. The US secret service goes after a counterfeit ring, whose engraver Eugene Deane has covertly constructed his plates while serving a life sentence in San Quentin. In order to infiltrate the gang, federal agent John Riggs poses as an Eastern kingpin who wants to purchase a large quantity of the fake currency. During his investigations he falls in love with beautiful Nora Craig.


SQUAD CAR (1960)

An accused man helps a policeman investigate an airplane mechanic's death and a counterfeit racket.



Starring Zachary Scott. Horace Vendig shows himself to the world as a rich philanthropist. In fact, the history of his rise from his unhappy broken home shows this to be far from the case. After being taken in by richer neighbors, he started to exhibit an obsessive and selfish urge to make more and more money, loving and leaving women at will to further this end.



Starring Arlene Dahl, Gloria DeHaven and Arlene Dahl. Homicide detective Mike Conovan investigates the shooting of fellow detective Monigan, who apparently was moonlighting as a guard for a bookie. He finds that all the bookies in town are being robbed, upsetting the racket bosses who can't get normal police protection. Mike encounters blind alleys and double crosses and is distracted by his wife's growing disenchantment.



The Secret Seven, is a group of scientists dedicated to the ideal of crime busting through scientific methods. The gangsters, led by mob-boss Sam O'Donnell (Barton MacLane), doesn't approve and kidnaps Lola Hobbs (Florence Rice), the daughter of Police Chief Hobbs (Joseph Crehan), who happens to be working in league with The Seven. And the mob also hadn't reckoned with Pat Norris (Bruce Bennett), a reformed convict now a fully paid-up member of The Seven, and sweet on Lola.



Starring Robert Mitchum, Robert Ryan and Lizabeth Scott. The big national crime syndicate has moved into town, partnering up with local crime boss Nick Scanlon. There are only two problems: First, Nick is the violent type, preferring to do things the old-fashioned way instead of using the syndicate's more genteel methods. The second problem is McQuigg, the only honest police captain on the force, and his loyal patrolman, Johnson. Together, they take on the violent Nick and try to foil the syndicate's plans to elect Welch, the crooked prosecutor running for a crooked judgeship.


RECOIL (1953)

Rare British mystery. Jean Talbot poses as a crook to infiltrate the gang who killed her jeweller father, Michael.


PAYROLL (1961)

Starring Michael Craig. A vicious gang of crooks plan to steal the wages of a local factory, but their carefully laid plans go wrong when the factory employs an armoured van to carry the cash. The gang still go ahead with the robbery, but when the driver of the armoured van is killed in the raid his wife plans revenge, and with the police closing in the gang start to turn on each other.



Starring Sydney Tafler. Larry Gordon, well-known crime writer, is on a train journey when a scream is heard. Upon investigation, the guard had been mugged and a man murdered. Another man is arrested but the full story is yet to be discovered.



A wealthy young woman, racked with guilt because she wasn't there when her mother died, is so desperate to contact her that she gets involved with a phony mystic who promises to put her in touch with her mother's spirit, but who is really after her money. A reporter who loves the young woman sets out to expose the phony "psychic" for the charlatan he is.



Starring Ronald Long. The decent model Gay Andrews and the sleazy married advertising executive Bob Walker leave a New Jersey restaurant. In Walker's car they immediately get into an argument because she won't go to a motel with him. The disappointed Walker is taking her home when he's pulled over for speeding by a cop, and taken to a police office where Walker has to pay a fine of $100. But Bob has to drive to New York to get the money, so Miss Andrews remains at the police office. While Bob's gone, the pudgy Wayne Jackson, also picked up for speeding, feels sorry for her. He then takes Miss Andrews to a restaurant where he drugs her.



Starring John Barrymore Jr. and Lita Milan. Frankie Kane is brought up in a Catholic orphanage and befriends Martin Cabell, a Jewish law student whose sister Julie becomes Frankie's sweetheart. At sixteen, Frankie learns that he is himself Jewish and therefore has to be moved to a Jewish home. That prospect proves so awful that he runs away - and goes bad. Years later, he returns to the district and gets involved with a crime syndicate that his old pal Martin, now assistant district attorney, has pledged to clean up. Frankie however, bumps in to Julie again and, finding he still loves her, decides to help the straight-shooting Martin smash the syndicate.



Staring Adolphe Menjou as detective Thatcher Colt. Police Commissioner Thatcher Colt (Adolph Menjou) sets out to discover who murdered Lois Carewe (Mayo Methot), a tough nightclub hostess, and how, for she had been given police protection ever since receiving a written warning she won't live a minute past midnight on New Year's Eve. The murder "weapon" turns out to be a deadly scorpion...administered the film to find out who.



Starring William Gargan and Janis Carter. A detective's dilemma. A murder investigation is compromised by the detective's compromised position in love.


MISSING WOMEN (1951)      

Starring Penny Edwards.  After newlywed Claudia Rankin's husband is murdered, she sets out to avenge his killing by posing as a criminal and successfully infiltrating the gang of car thieves responsible for his death. However, this puts her own life in peril.


MISTER 880 (1950)

Starring Burt Lancaster and Edmund Gwenn. The Secret Service of the US Treasury Department has been able to nab a number of high-powered and violent counterfeiters over the years, but case number 880, which has been open now for ten years, has so far confounded them. The reason this case bothers them so much is not only the duration of the file, but more importantly the fact that the bills themselves and their distribution are of an amateurish nature, including the obvious typographical error, "Wahsington", on them. They do realize that the perpetrator, who they have coined Mister 880, has been able to get away with it so far because the bills are almost exclusively $1, which merchants rarely check, and that the bills collected, which have been distributed solely in New York City, amount to less than $50 per month. The Secret Service decides to bring in Los Angeles based Steve Buchanan to work on the case as a pair of fresh eyes. As Steve goes about his initial investigation of merchants who have been duped over those ten years, Steve is unaware that he meets Mister 880, a kindly old gentleman named William 'Skipper' Miller, who most would not suspect, including his friends.



Starring George Reeves and Marjorie Weaver. G-Man Bob Grayson, working hand in hand with a British Intelligence agent, poses as an escaped Nazi agent to uncover an espionage plot. Reporter Dallas Dayle mistakes Grayson for a Nazi sympathizer and manages to mess up the works before she learns the truth. She and Grayson then join forces to save the agent.



Starring Helen Walker. A scientist who has found a way to prolong life (he is 120 years old) finds himself in a dilemma: he has fallen in love, and he has also discovered that if he doesn't get new glands, he will die.


I’LL GET YOU  (19512)

Starring George Raft. After leading nuclear scientists are kidnapped and smuggled behind the Iron Curtain, a Federal man and a British agent are assigned to catch the kidnappers.



Starring Wallace Ford. A gang of small-time confidence-type crooks, led by the elderly Pop and Mom Cobb, have just completed a small scam when a wallet found on a drunk gives them a big-time opportunity; it contains an appointment as a cashier in the Walnut Park bank. They put a member in the bank intending to escape with the deposits at the end of the week. To complete the pose, they attend Sunday church services and decide to go straight. When one of the group decides to run out with the money, they catch up with him at the border and return to the town as heroes. They all decide for a life of rural domesticity.



Starring John Beal. Milton Higby, an inventor of gadgets that don't sell finds himself accused of a crime he didn't commit---the killing of a girl he had just met---, and takes to the open road with the police in close pursuit. In his travels, he stumbles across the body of another murder victim and switches identities with the corpse. With his new name he poses as the long-lost son of a wealthy industrialist until he is exposed and charged also with the second murder.


THE JUDGE (1949)

Starring Milburn Stone. Martin Strong (Milburn Stone), prominent criminal attorney, becomes conscience-stricken when his is forced to come to the defense of an insane killer whom he had freed from a similar charge a year earlier. Goaded by his scheming wife, Lucille (Katherine deMille),who is in love with Dr. James Anderson (Stanley Waxman), the county police psychiatrist, Strang finally goes off the deep end when he realizes his career has become a king-size failure. In a dual plan to seek revenge for his wife's infidelity and betrayal, he writes a will leaving his fortune to the families who have been wronged by the guilty criminals he has aided. His plan is changed when he accidently becomes a witness to a crime committed by a stranger, William Jackson (Paul Guilfoyle). 



Starring Dick Powell and Evelyn Keyes. New York gambling house operator Johnny O'Clock is junior partner in a posh casino with Guido Marchettis and Chuck Blayden, a crooked cop. But Blayden is trying to cut into the casino's profits and warns Johnny not to interfere with his intention of becoming Marchettis' full partner. Blayden ends his relationship with coat check girl Harriet Hobson, then disappears. Later, Harriet is found dead in her apartment, apparently from suicide. Police Inspector Koch begins an investigation.He questions Johnny, Harriet's sister Nancy, who is infatuated with Johnny, and Johnny's associate, Charlie. When Blayden's body turns up in a nearby river, and when it is learned that Harriet death wasn't suicide but murder by poison, Johnny and Marchettis become prime suspects in both cases.To make matters worse, Pete Marchettis discovers that his wife Nelle may be having an affair with Johnny. Out of jealousy, he sends hired gunmen to kill Johnny in a drive-by shooting while Johnny is driving Nancy to the airport. Johnny, now certain that Marchettis has betrayed him, goes to the casino to end their business partnership.



Starring Vincent Price, Robert Mitchum, Charles McGraw and Jane Russell. Nick Ferraro, deported crime boss, needs to re-enter the USA. His plan involves "honest" gambler Dan Milner, who's subjected to a series of "misfortunes," then bribed to take a trip to Mexico. En route, Dan meets chanteuse Lenore Brent, truly his kind of woman. But on arrival at posh Morros Lodge in Baja California, Dan finds the ostensibly rich, carefree guests all playing roles...except, possibly, ham actor Mark Cardigan. What does Ferraro want with him? Can he trust anyone?


THE HOUR OF 13  (1952)

Starring Peter Lawford. A jewel thief tries to mislead police who suspect that his theft of a valuable emerald is related to the serial murder of 11 policemen.



Starring Edmund Lowe, Janis Carter. William Warner is not only a crack defense lawyer, but he has an even more useful skill--he's an expert at picking open any kind of lock, which comes in handy in his line of work. This asset gets him in trouble, however, when he finds himself being unwittingly used by Nazi spies trying to get him to open a locked chest with a secret formula they're after.



Starring Alistair Sims. In a rural English hospital during WWII, a postman dies on the operating table. One of the nurses states that she has proof of who the murderer is. The facetious Inspector Cockrill suspects one of the five doctors and nurses who were in the operating theater to be the assassin. But four poisonous pills have disappeared.



Starring Jane Darwell and Sig Ruman. The first of three films made featuring the Nurse Sarah Keate character created by Mignon Eberhardt. The story has Nurse Ann Smith, with the knowledge of her night supervisor Sarah Keate, smuggling her brother Allen Tracy into the hospital as a patient of Doctor Taggert, in order to hide him from gunmen sworn to get him. Gangster Mortimer Beatty is admitted to the room next to Tracy's. Ann's patient is found dead, but the dead man is not Tracy but a charity patient who had died days before, but now has some fresh bullet wounds in his body. Ann's sweetheart, hospital physician David McKerry, and the police, led by Detective Mattoon, try to solve the mystery of why anyone would want to shoot a man already dead. Bumbling nurse Flossie Duffy finds the body of the murdered morgue keeper, while Ann explains that her brother slipped out of the hospital and she had substituted the corpse in his bed, hoping the gangsters would believe he had died.



Starring Mala Powers. Traveling by train from Los Angeles to San Francisco, a woman recently released from psychiatric care is accused of the murder of a woman found dead in her compartment. Arrested and taken off the train, she escapes custody and flees to her apartment, where she finds another murder victim. She realizes she is being set up, and sets out to find out who and why.



Starring Fay Wray. Lee is a fresh young kid from the South when he gets a job with The Press. His first assignment on gangsters gets his name in the paper, the police on a raid and Lee in the hospital. He quickly finds that it is each one for himself, so he goes into the business of not reporting for a fee. He quickly learns to shake down the gangsters, and with the paper behind him, they leave Lee alone. But the girl he is crazy about will only trade a ring for his going straight.



Starring Raymond Burr, Steve Brodie and Audrey Long. hen mobster Walt Radak tries to trick independent trucker Steve Randall into transporting stolen furs, Steve alerts the police, and Walt's young brother Al is caught and held for a cop-killing. When ruthless Radak tries to extort Steve's help in clearing Al, Steve and his young wife flee for their lives, only to find that the police are also in pursuit. With every man's hand against them, Steve and Anne must repeatedly abandon their temporary refuges. Finally, one midnight, the showdown...



A radio actor is murdered live on air. Enter Detective Inspector Gregory suspicious of both cast and crew. The victim it's discovered had many enemies. The hunt to unmask the killer quickly ensues. Enjoyable romp through pre-war 1930's BBC Broadcasting House and London with a flavor here and there of the music, fashion and architecture of the times.



Starring Paul Lukas, Susan Hayward and Bill Williams. Alex, a radio-specialist sailor on leave, recovers from a drink-induced blackout with a large sum of money belonging to Edna Bartelli, a B-girl who invited him home to fix her radio. He tries to return the money with the reluctant aid of June Goffe, a sweet but oh-so-tired dance hall girl. They find Edna murdered. Not quite sure he didn't do it himself, Alex and June have four hours in the dead of night to find the real killer before his leave ends. Their quest brings them into contact with a sleazy kaleidoscope of minor characters as the clues get more and more tangled.



Starring Julie London and John Bromfield. Joe Manning returned from the Korean War a changed man and became a Bohemian artist, supported by his understanding mother and distrusted by others. On a drunken binge, Joe flirts with torch singer Irene Crescent, who is later found dead by the hand of the town's serial killer...and Joe's the prime suspect. No one will help Joe except carhop 'Slacks'. Can they find the real killer before he finds them?


CODE TWO  (1953)

Starring Ralph Meeker, Keenan Wynn and Sally Forest. Chuck O'Flair and two buddies, Russ Hartley and Harry Whenlon, enter the Los Angeles Police Academy as cadets. Cocky and sure of himself, O'Flair almost gets washed out as unfit material. After they graduate, one of them accidentally stumbles on a gang of black marketeers and is murdered. O'Flair requests the assignment to track down the killer.



Starring William Lundigan. For six months, a strangler has terrorized the city. Calling himself The Judge, he's a self-appointed destroyer of 'evil' who only strikes on rainy nights. Police Lieut. Harry Grant is obsessed with catching him but has failed so far, despite varied clues. And now Harry is further hampered by attractive tabloid reporter Ann Gorman dogging his footsteps. Compactly crafted film with some effective thrills.



Starring Bill Williams and Barbara Hale. Jim Fletcher, waking up from a coma, finds he is to be given a court martial for treason and charged with informing on fellow inmates in a Japanese prison camp during WWII. Escaping from the hospital he tries to clear himself by enlisting the aid of Martha Gregory, widow of a service buddy he was accused of informing on. Helped also by Ted Niles, a surviving fellow prisoner, he gets closer to finding the answers he needs, and becomes ensnared in a grandiose scheme involving his Japanese ex-prison guard, $10,000,000 of US currency forged by the Japanese and a burgeoning crime network poised to wreak havoc throughout southern California.



Starring Lyle Talbot, Vince Edwards and John Archer. Vicious drug dealer Vince Ryker escapes from San Quentin with another prisoner after stabbing a guard to death and stealing what he believes to be a cannister filled with experimental heroin from the prison hospital. In reality the container is filled with cobalt-60, a highly radioactive substance which threatens the entire city if it is somehow opened. The ruthless Ryker dumps his dying cellmate and murders a bypassing motorist, burning his body beyond recognition. Assuming a new identity, Ryker heads for Los Angeles to become reunited with his beautiful girlfriend and Crown, a corrupt businessman and front man for Ryker's drug business. Fully aware of the potential dangers of the situation, the authorities are engaged in race against time to recover the cannister and avoid citywide panic.



Starring Marius Goring. "Mark's Priory," the Lebanons' family seat, is a house of terror to Ilsa Crane, Lady Lebanon's niece and secretary. The strange behavior of two sinister footmen, Gilder and Brooks, adds greatly to her fear, and her sole consolation lies in the sympathy extended her by young Lord William "Willie" Lebanon. A young architect, Richard Ferraby, arrives from London to inspect the ancient home in regards to renovations, and he and Isla are immediately attracted to each other. Lady Lebanon tells her son that he must marry Isla to carry on the family name but Lord Willie tells her he has no intentions of marrying. Later, the family physician, Dr. Amersham, arrives and it is evident he has some hold over Lady Lebanon. The chauffeur, Studd, hints that he knew Amersham in India and that Amersham was discharged from the Indian Army under unsavory circumstances. Isla and Richard find Studd murdered and suspicion falls on the gamekeeper, Tilling, whose wife had been more than a little friendly with Studd. But Chief Inspector Tanner and Deputy Sergeant Totty arrive from Scotland Yard and uncover evidence that points to Dr. Aversham as the killer, and Lord Willie substantiates the clue by telling them that Aversham had strangled a young Eurasian girl in India by using a red scarf--and Studd was found strangled with a red scarf.



Starring Richard Conte. Several murders of nuclear scientists, that baffles Scotland Yard, occur in London about the same time that Bill Locklin, a special officer from the United States State Department, arrives to oversee the transfer of Professor Leon Dushenko, a Russian scientist who as fled the U.S.S.R. An attempt is made on Dushenko's life with a monkey's paw-print found at the scene. Newspaperman reporter Harry Martin is covering the story. Duskenko is moved secretly to a nursing home, while Locklin stumbles onto the hideout of the gang behind the killings. He is captured along with Julia Jackson, niece of Superintendent John Harrington. Locklin is tortured to reveal Dushenko's hiding place but escapes in time to avert Duskenko's murder at the hands of the gang's hired-killer---a midget who is aided by a monkey.



Starring Dan Duryea and Mary Anderson. A poor father makes monumental efforts to get money to keep his phone installed, so he can get word on his critically injured little daughter.



Starring Robert Rockwell, Gerald Mohr and Dorothy Patrick. Newly arrived in a Western city, Kansan Gloria Dell waits at the train station to meet Larry Goodrich, the fiance' she has corresponded with, but never met. When he doesn't arrive, Mrs. Henley from the Women's Welfare League advises her to look for him at the address he has given her. Gloria walks to the nearby address, only to find a bar where the bartender says an employee, Larry Richards, was arrested earlier that day for bigamy. Gloria decides to follow the bartender's advice and sell her engagement ring to pay for a ticket home. She goes to a jeweler named Charles Winters, who offers her $1,000 for the ring, much more than it is worth. After Gloria leaves with the money, Winters quickly burns the sales receipt, ransacks the shop and phones the police to report that his shop has been robbed. When Gloria returns to the train station, an investigator is waiting to arrest her. 



Starring Peter Clune. Having been 'away' for some time, professional killer Frankie Bono returns to New York to do another job: assassinate some mid-level mobster. Although intending to avoid unnecessary 'contact' while carefully stalking his victim, Bono is recognized by an old fellow from the orphanage, whose calm and unambitious citizen's life and happy marriage contrast heavily with Bono's solitary and haunted existence. Exhausted and distracted, Bono makes another mistake, but his contract is not one to back out of.


Starring George Murphy and Ricardo Montalban. To penetrate a gang exploiting illegal Mexican farmworkers smuggled into California (and leaving no live witnesses), Mexican federal agent Pablo Rodriguez poses as an ignorant bracero, while his American counterpart Jack Bearnes works from outside. Soon, both are in deadly danger from the ringleader, sinister rancher Owen Parkson, and find night on the farm to be full of shadowy film-noir menace...



Starring Joan Fontaine, Zachary Scott, Joan Leslie, Robert Ryan, and Mel Ferrer. Donna Foster, loyal assistant to publisher John Caine, has agreed that John's niece Christabel Caine can stay in her apartment while she attends business school in San Francisco. Donna will soon be leaving anyway; she and her wealthy philanthropist boyfriend Curtis Carey will imminently be married, thus grooming Christabel, who ultimately will be working at the publishing house, to assume Donna's position both at the apartment and at the office. In living with Donna, innocent Christabel befriends not only Donna and Curtis, but Donna's rather bohemian friends, specifically struggling artist Gabriel Broome--Gobby to his friends--always with a quip at the ready; and aspiring writer Nick Bradley, who lives next door; John is contemplating publishing his book. There is an immediate sexual attraction between Christabel and Nick.


BAD BOY (1949)

Starring Lloyd Nolan and Audie Murphy. Danny is a juvenile delinquent sentenced to Variety Club Ranch in lieu of jail. He charms the headmistress and goads everyone else. The marshal sets out to find source of Danny's rage, and learns he mistakenly believes he is responsible for his mother's death. After a final crime spree and escape attempt, Danny learns he's not to blame. Court returns him to Ranch on the marshal's conviction that he's redeemed from life of crime.



Starring William Boyd. Unable to repay a substantial gambling debt to mob boss North, Alan Beckwith concocts a last-ditch scheme. Allowing North to take out a $100,000 insurance policy on his life, Alan agrees to commit suicide after the mandantory one-year moratorium has elapsed. To make things legal, North forces Alan to marry Beverly (Whose brother is also indebted to North) as the beneficiary-of-record. He also assigns "hitman wannabe" Squint to both keep an eye on Alan and "do the deed" when the time comes. But as the year progresses, Alan falls in love with Beverly, befriends Squint and decides he doesn't want to die. But how can he convince North to allow a 100 grand to slip through his fingers?




Starring John Carradine and Basil Rathbone. Basil Rathbone plays Canuto Perez, the ghost of a man who committed suicide in the sixteenth century. He has been living in the dungeon of a castle for 400 years, and he can separate himself from his skeleton, which walks and talks as if it’s a separate person. Perez was not a good man; he had spent his life taking advantage of innocent young women. He choose to commit suicide instead of accepting punishment for his crimes. Because Perez repented at the last moment before he died, God has granted him four chances to save his soul.